Ethics and stem cell research essay

Embryonic stem cells can also be used to test the effects of new drugs without harming animals or people. There are many who believe this only medical cloning because no life is being form, only a life is being saved.

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For example, the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and conservative Protestant Churches believe the embryo has the status of a human from conception and no embryo research should be permitted.

In the organs, stem cells remain inactive until they are needed. Before day 14, the embryo has no central nervous system and therefore no senses.

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Embryonic stem cells can be grown in the laboratory from blastocysts and made to differentiate into nerve, liver, muscle, blood, and other cells. A fertilized egg before implantation in the uterus could be granted a lesser degree of respect than a human fetus or a born baby.

Research on stem cells are still ongoing the first stem cell was discovered inthough many advances have been made since then this is still a relatively new topic of scientists.

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Research should also be made to possibly reduce and replace the usage of embryonic stem cells with adult stem cells. It would be wasteful not to continue to make use of these cell lines as a resource.

Many people still disagree about weather embryonic cells should be used in medicine; they ask if the process that is being done is really cloning.

Ethics of stem cell research essay

National Institutes of Health's Guidelines stated: President Bush addressed the Nation in the fall of on the issue if stem cell research.

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More research will be required before noncancerous stem cells can be created. The embryos are destroyed in the process of isolating the stem cells. A human embryo is a human being in the embryonic stage, just as an infant is Ethics and stem cell research essay human being in the infant stage.

Do over in life essay. There is, however, no reason to treat the embryo as a functional human. The discovery of adult stem cells led scientists to develop an interest in the role of embryonic stem cells, and in separate studies in Gail Martin and Martin Evans derived pluripotent stem cells from the embryos of mice for the first time.

The Nuremberg and Helsinki Declarations were drafted in order to protect humans from the horrors of experimentation envisaged by Nazi scientists.

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stem cell research and destroy embryos are much more compelling than the moral reasons to engage in abortion. I argue in this essay that. Research Papers on the ethics of stem cell research argue that as technology becomes more refined, the ethical questions raised by the technology become more persistent and more pervasive.

When the discovery of stem cells was first reported in the literature, the most pertinent ethical concern was whether or not harvesting stem cells from a. The latest stem cell research offers new hopes for innovative therapies, but it’s associated with many debates and controversies.

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Its purpose was to bring together experts from the fields of science, religion, ethics, and law to discuss how the state of California should proceed in regulating human cloning and stem cell research.

Ethics and stem cell research essay
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